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Hailing from Texas, Twin Tribes is an emerging force in the darkwave scene, turning heads in 2018 with the release of their debut album "Shadows" that featured dark melodic sounds, synthesizers, lyrics about the undead, and the occult and parallel universes. They returned in 2020 with the ten-track album "Ceremony" with an evolved sound that explored love and loss while showcasing their progression as a band. 

  With songs that are both dynamic and introspective, they balance the darker shades of the emotional spectrum with an energy and momentum that gifts their music a powerful sense of urgency and drama. Their lyrics dig deep into the personal turmoil of love, life and loss, and have forged a new aesthetic that fuses the gothic with the romantic, viewing emotional themes through a darker lens.

As their second LP gains increasing critical and commercial attention, these pillars of the independent music scene continue to re-define what genres such as darkwave and post-punk mean in 2023.



Since the band's inception, they have been relentlessly touring, and gaining serious credibility, on the US live circuit by playing alongside such acts as She Wants Revenge, Clan of Xymox, Boy Harsher, She Past Away, and Kaelan Mikla. They have also played internationally, headlining their own tour of Europe in 2022, and playing shows with the likes of scene giants, Lebanon Hanover.

Some of the largest festivals in the dark underground scene have also had them feature, including Substance Festival (Los Angeles), Cold Waves (Chicago), Absolution Fest (Tampa), A Murder of Crows (NYC), Psycho Fest (Las Vegas), SXSW (Austin), Sinner's Day (Belgium), and their largest festival to date, the upcoming Cruel World (Pasadena).